NEW Referee Clinic

This course will the the initial certification clinic for those who wish to become United States Soccer Federation Grade 8 referees for the 2015 Spring Montana Youth Soccer Association season! This class covers 3 weeknights and you must attend all the training to become certified. There is approximately 6 hours of online material to cover prior to attending the class.

Class will be held on April 6-7 indoors and outdoors at 6-8 pm April 10.

First you need to click the Register button to the left of this page. Then you will need to sign up so click the sign up tab in the upper right side of the screen. After finishing with the sign up page you can go back and register for this class.

Prerequisite before attending class. Go to

This is where you will need to watch all 18 of the modules. You will be required to enter name, state (Montana), email, and clinic number. The number of this clinic is GF2015. You can click the remember me check box so you wont have to reenter the information each time you take a module.

In addition to watching the modules you should go through the laws of soccer made easy online at

You will need a check for $30 dollars made out to Electric City Soccer Club for your class and national fees.  ECSC is paying half of Thunderbolt Team referees fees.  If you are not a Thunderbolt team referee you need a check for $60.00 made out to ECSC

If you have any questions please email Lisa or Scott at



Referee Recertification

This year 100% of the re-certification can be done online.  In fact it is the only way a referees in Montana can be re-certified.  We want all referees to take the same test and complete the modules online.

The website to recertify at is

Use your username and password to login.  Your local instructor has books and badges for you and they will be informed by the state once you  have completed the re-certification process.  Only then will you get a badge.

If you do not have a local instructor in your town please contact Mary Arnold at  once you have completed the recertification and one will be mailed to you.

You still need to pay your fees at US Soccer.  This website is

Thank You
Scott Brown

To log in to the GotSoccer Referee System:
1. Click here:
2. Enter your username and password


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